Kamene Goro Lectures Kenyans with Poor Grammar

September 15, 2023

Kamene Goro turned into a ‘Grammar Nazi’ Thursday as she called out people with bad grammar.

The former radio presenter turned club hostess expressed her frustration in two Instagram stories, lamenting the prevalence of grammatical errors in people’s texts.

In fact, Kamene mentioned that she was contemplating offering tutoring classes to assist those struggling with grammar. She couldn’t comprehend why anyone, especially those aged 30 and above, would have poor grammar skills.

“I’m really looking at people’s terrible spelling and grammar thinking maybe I should start a class on basic spelling and grammar,” she wrote.

Kamene went posed: “How are you over 30 and still can’t distinguish between This and These There and Their even Him and Her is still a problem?????? Guys!!!”

The former Kiss FM presenter clarified that her intention was not to criticize occasional grammatical mistakes but rather to address the issue of consistently poor grammar and what appeared to be a lack of motivation to improve it.

“Look, don’t get me wrong… It’s not mistakes, it’s poor grammar and the lack of initiative to make it better that irks me,” she wrote.

Kamene opined that in an era where information is readily accessible, there should be no excuses for destroying the Queen’s language.

Noting that she often receives CVs with errors, Kamene warned jobseekers that they miss out on good opportunities.

“We live in an era where access to information is free and easy, so you really have no excuse, I look at CVs I receive with such negligent typos and grammar and I’m like WHY????

“Double check, spell check, send it to someone to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, or even simply….Make Google your friend. You’re missing out on opportunities because of negligence on basic grammar and spelling,” Kamene stated.

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