Jackie Matubia on Moving on From Blessing: “I’m Still in my Healing Process”

September 15, 2023

Actress Jackie Matubia says she is still picking up the pieces from her breakup with fellow actor Blessing Lung’aho.

The former co-stars of the Swahili telenovela ‘Zora’ broke up in early 2023, with Matubia often dropping hints that their separation was far from amicable.

This emerged when she recently engaged her Instagram fans in an interactive Q&A session, allowing them to ask her questions.

One of the questions was about Jackie allowing Blessing to be involved in the life of their lastborn daughter in the same way the father of her first daughter is in her life.

“Will you allow Baba Zendaya to be in his daughter’s life? Just like Baba Zari?” a fan asked.

The ‘Salem’ actress gave a telling answer which suggested that Blessing might not be interested.

Jackie said: “First of all, you give a chance to fathers who are interested, like the first thing is if the father is interested in the child first. Well, I think I have answered your question.”

The actor gave another telling answer when a fan inquired whether Blessing is involved in helping raise her child.

She did not directly respond to the question but shared a video with a background song of Reuben Kigame’s ‘Bwana Huniachi,’ which includes the lyric “Mwenye macho haambiwi angalia,”

On the topic of possibly moving on, another fan asked how she feels being a single mum of  two and whether she would openly share her next relationship with the public.

Jackie Matuubia said she is doing well as she prioritizes her healing and that of her children.

I’m good, my kids are good, that’s all that matters for me and sijafika hapo. When it comes to my healing process and my moving on process, niko at who I want to be and my kids’ healing process,” she said in a video.

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