How Kwambox Spent Her First Sh60,000 Salary

September 15, 2023

Radio personality Sheila Kwamboka better known as Kwambox disclosed that her first salary was Sh60,000.

In a quickfire interview with Mpasho’s reporter, Kalondu Musyimi, the host of the Kiss FM breakfast said she earned her first paycheque from modeling.

My first salary was 60k,” she said, adding that the amount was spent on her behalf by her friends.

Kwambox said she found her friends in a club, and they had already ordered food and refreshments on her bill.

“Mbogi ilikula my first salary! Mbogi ilikula man. You know I remember because I used to do modeling gigs, I’d get paid you know we were usually given an envelope bam the whole cash. Kumbe guys are waiting for me in the club like they are confident enough that they have already ordered drinks, they have ordered food they are eating while I’m working,” she recounted.

Adding: “So I finish the gig I carry the cash I go to pay bills at the table, so yeah pesa yangu mimi na mbogi tulikula.”

Sheila also revealed a fun fact about her least favorite food.

“I don’t eat mutura and mimi do not come for me. I don’t like mutura, na sipendi vitu kama matumbo,” she said.

And what of her favorite meal?

“I love sea food… napenda salmon. So I’m just catching up because I had a fish allergy for the longest time my fridge doesn’t lack fish. I like tilapia and salmon,” said Kwambox.


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