Hamisa’s Lover Kevin Sowax Claims He Didn’t Know She Was Famous

September 5, 2023

Hamisa Mobetto’s partner, Kevin Ahyi-sena alias Kevin Sowax, has disclosed that he was initially unaware that she was a celebrity when they first met.

The Togolese tycoon, who is currently spending time with the former beauty pageant queen in Tanzania, said it took him a few days to realize that Hamisa was a big deal.

Following his arrival in Tanzania last week, a TZ blogger asked Kevin Sowax: “Before you met her and you guys started dating did you know she was a superstar like a very big superstar?”’

To which he responded: “I didn’t know, I swear, I didn’t know. We were just getting into this… but for me, it doesn’t change anything because Hamisa is just Hamisa.”

Sowax added: “Like the way I know her, I knew her before it all (knowing she’s famous). It took me about 3 or 4 days to know that she was actually a superstar superstar.”

Kevin Sowax revealed that he first crossed paths with Hamisa at a private event in China. He went on to claim that he knew Hamisa was “the one” the moment he first set eyes on her.

“It was four months ago. As soon as I saw her, I was down,” he professed.

Kevin was also questioned about the rumors suggesting that he had already paid dowry. “Rumour has it that you have already paid Hamisa’s dowry. Is it true?” wondered a blogger.

“Yes, it is true,” Kevin answered, adding: “the matter is between me and Hamisa.”’

Regarding the possibility of tying the knot in the near future, Mobetto said they had discussed the prospects, and while things were looking positive, they ultimately entrusted it to God’s hands.

“We have the plans, by God’s will, it will happen.” She said.

Sowax on his part said: “Hopefully, because we don’t know what God is planning for us but hopefully. God knows the end but I wish we go everywhere together to the end.”


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