Bien – Sol Fest No Longer Just About Sauti Sol

September 5, 2023

Sauti Sol might be going their separate ways as a group but their brainchild, SolFest, is only poised for greater things.

This is according to the group’s lead singer, Bien Aime, who has allayed any fears of Sol Fest ending after their farewell concert as a group later this year.

“Most definitely, Sol Fest will continue to happen. What people need to do now is release Sauti Sol from Sol Fest. Sol Fest is no longer just about Sauti Sol; it’s about our Kenyan music industry. I mean, guys might get tired of hearing Sauti Sol perform at every Sol Fest concert,” Bien said.

Rather than making the annual festival solely about themselves, Sauti Sol envisions Sol Fest evolving into Kenya’s equivalent of globally renowned events such as Coachella.

“The intention is to make Sol Fest a platform for many other artists, including international ones, to come and have an experience. In Kenya, we don’t have our version of Afro-Nation or Afro-Coachella, and this is the direction we intend to take with Sol Fest. Our dream is to bring a variety of different acts to that stage,” said the ‘Dimension’ hitmaker.

Sauti Sol is charging Sh20,000 for tickets to their final Sol Fest performance, an amount that Bien says reflects the band’s intention to provide fans with an extraordinary and unparalleled experience.

“People are paying Sh20,000 because Sauti Sol will be providing fans with 20 years of experience. We have been on this journey with our fans for two decades,” Bien said.

The VIP package includes an intimate live performance, a luxurious 5-star banquet complete with complimentary beverages, exclusive limited edition Sauti Sol merchandise, and the chance to meet and greet with the band members.

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