Shaffie Weru on New Gig: “I will be making double what I made on radio”

September 5, 2023

Shaffie Weru is staging a comeback in the entertainment industry, stepping into the role of East Africa brand ambassador for the prestigious alcoholic beverage, Luc Belaire.

The former radio presenter says his new role will see him resume his famed ‘Raverend’ duties.

“This new position will enable me to bring back [my party persona] Raverend. I will help the entertainment industry bring back the economy,” Shaffie told the Nation.

The media personality is expected to be unveiled as Belaire’s brand ambassador later this week. Shaffie says the role will demand his active participation both during the day and at night, aligning with the dynamic party culture inherent to his industry.

Although he did not disclose specific figures, Shaffie indicated that his income from this role would surpass what he earned during his time as a radio presenter.

“I will be making double what I made on the radio,” he intimated.

Shaffie will be representing Belaire at the upcoming Trace Awards ceremony in Rwanda.

“I will be representing Belaire in Rwanda during the award ceremony of Trace Awards and Festival, and I might also meet some of the top artistes who are brand ambassadors.”

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