Family of Woman Stabbed by Estranged Lover Demands Justice

September 28, 2023

The family of a 30-year-old teacher who was on Monday stabbed by her estranged boyfriend is appealing for justice after the suspect was arrested and later released on police bond.

Elizabeth Bana, a mother of two who was stabbed three times is now fighting for her life at Aga Khan Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU), in Mombasa.

The suspect, a banker in Changamwe reportedly called the teacher to resolve their misunderstanding before he stabbed her after attempts to reconcile failed.

“I received a distress call that my sister was being rushed to Aga Khan Hospital. I understand they had a misunderstanding and my sister was calling off the relationship and the gentleman couldn’t take it. He did not take it kindly and in the process of arguing the guy ended up harming her,” recalled Rachel Bana.

The duo had an altercation inside the suspect vehicle in Changamwe at a recreational area, as she was fleeing he stabbed her in the back leaving her to bleed profusely before she was rescued by good Samaritans and rushed to the nearby Portreitz hospital.

“The knife broke at the third stab. She was screaming for help and the guy ran away. She was taken to Portreitz hospital for first aid before she was referred to Aga Khan where surgery was conducted and taken to ICU where she is stabilizing fighting for her life,” said Rachel Bana.

Rachel who termed the act inhumane is appealing to the government to bring the suspect to book.

“Whatever the arguments or misunderstandings people can have should not end this. She is a career woman, a mother and a young life,” she said.

The family wants justice to be done to their kin because they are distressed and hurt by the incident.

“The suspect was mysteriously set free and we are wondering what is happening. The gravity of this issue is too heavy for him to walk out of the police,” she said.

Samuel Kazuri, brother of the injured teacher, accused the Changamwe police station of assisting the suspect to evade trial through their actions.

Kazuri said after they got wind that the suspect was being held at Changamwe Police Station instead of Chaani Police Station where he reported the case under OB NO:25/09/023/49. The police claimed they didn’t have evidence to arraign the suspect in court.

“We looked for all the bodaboda guys who rushed our sister to the hospital to write statements,” he said.

He added that it remains a mystery as to why the suspect was released from police custody through a police bond of Ksh70,000 yet their sister has not recorded a statement.

“They should charge him in court and apply for more days to carry out an investigation. He is interfering with witnesses to conceal the truth. The Changamwe police station should rearrest him lest we demonstrate to the police station and the suspect workplace,” said Kazuri.

Muslim for Human Rights (MUHURI) Rapid Response Officer Francis Auma questioned why the police did not file a miscellaneous application in court to detain the suspect instead of releasing him.

The case Auma said has been reported to the police internal affairs unit and IPOA. If action is not taken they have vowed to charge the suspect privately.

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