Communications Authority Announces Nationwide Crackdown on Illegal Internet Providers

September 20, 2023

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has initiated efforts to eliminate internet service providers operating illegally within the country.

In an official statement, the CA alerted the public to a recent surge in illegal connections, expressing regret that many Kenyans have fallen victim to this particular form of unscrupulous business.

The authority also disclosed that, in addition to unauthorized internet providers, there are other entities operating postal services without the necessary licenses.

The statement included the following excerpt: “The Authority has become aware that certain entities, including individuals, are offering internet services, installing communication systems, and providing postal/courier services without the required licenses.”

According to the Kenya Information & Communications Act of 1998, it is considered an offense for any individual to offer communication services without obtaining the necessary licensing.

The Authority warned that the act stipulates that offering postal services without a license can result in a penalty of Ksh300,000, imprisonment for up to one year, or both, for those found in violation of the law.

Conversely, individuals who operate a telecommunication system or provide telecommunications services without a valid license may face a penalty of Ksh1 million, a maximum prison sentence of five years, or both.

The CA has urged the public to report any suspected illegal service providers by contacting them at [email protected] to facilitate the commencement of investigations.

The authority recommended that the public choose internet services from licensed providers, as they ensure superior quality, improved customer service, and consumer protection.

Kenyans can access the list of licensed telecommunication service providers, including internet and postal operators, on the website

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