CA Chair Mary Wambui’s Academic Qualifications Questioned

September 21, 2023

Just days after Communication Authority of Kenya CEO Ezra Chiloba was shown the door, more trouble is brewing at the regulatory authority.

A non-governmental organization has called into question the academic credentials of the board chairperson Mary Wambui.

Commission for Human Rights and Justice (CHRJ), a group based in Mombasa, has written to Kenya Methodist University requesting information either confirming or denying her attendance at the institution.

The group first challenged Wambui’s suitability to hold a top government position at the High Court Judicial Review Division in December 2020.

Mary Wambui has stated that she attended the university from 2005 to 2008, after which she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (second class upper). Before that, she had pursued a diploma in computer proficiency and another one in clearing & forwarding.

CHRJ however contests the validity of her bachelor’s degree, saying some members of the public believe it is not valid.

In the letter seen by Nairobi Wire, CHRJ writes;

“The aforementioned claims to have undertaken a Bachelor of Science: Business Administration – Upper Second Class in the year 2005-2008 in your esteemed institution, claims which some members of the public claims to be nothing short of fluttery words to win confidence of the office she holds.

“As the commission obligated to inquire about the status and capacity of leaders to be entrusted to hold such position of authority, in light of the forgoing we therefore IMPLORE your good off(ice) to confirm if indeed the above subject matter was a student.”

The letter further requests the university to provide certified copy of the examination transcript and a graduation booklet for the year in question.

Ms Wambui was appointed as chair of CA by President Ruto in December 2022. She is no stranger to controversy, having been mentioned in the edible oil scandal.

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