Why Mackenzie and his Followers Booed State Prosecutor in Court

August 2, 2023

There was drama at the Shanzu law courts in Mombasa when Shakahola cult leader Paul Mackenzie and his co-accused followers jeered a State prosecutors during court proceedings.

Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Yamina Jamii was responding to an application that had been filed by Mackenzie”s lawyer Wycliffe Makasembo.

Makasembo had requested Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda to allow his clients to interact with each other while being detained at the Shimo la Tewa G.K prison.

But Yamina Jamii opposed the application citing concerns that if the suspects were allowed to freely interact with each other and discuss the progress of their case, it could potentially lead to further instances of religious radicalization among them.

Jamii’s application prompted Mackenzie and his followers to boo, with some uttering the words:  “Wacha hio mambo yako aaaaaaa.”

Mackenzie in particular was seen throwing his hands in the air in protest.

Earlier, the suspects had become agitated while in the court, chanting songs of “Haki yetu”. Magistrate Shikanda threatened to leave if they continued with their protests.

They were complaining about alleged harassment in custody. They also claimed that they were still sleeping on the floor and being compelled to wear prison attire, despite not yet being convicted of any crime.

They claimed that they were still sleeping on the floor and forced to wear prison attires even though they are yet to be convicted

During the mention of the case, the state sought to have the suspects held for four additional days to provide state agencies with the opportunity to file yet another application seeking an extension of the suspects’ detention for further days.

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