Vera Sidika Responds To Edgar Obare’s Apology, Warns Other Bloggers

August 15, 2023

Reality TV star Vera Sidika has accepted an apology from gossip blogger Edgar Obare following a series of false claims he made regarding her trip to Dubai.

On his Telegram gossip channel, Obare had claimed that Sidika’s excursion to Dubai had been financed by a Russian tycoon.

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However, the controversial blogger later withdrew his statement and issued an apology, acknowledging that the socialite had provided evidence proving that she was not bankrolled by the Russian tycoon.

“We apologise for the incorrect reporting of retired socialite Vera Sidika Dubai trip being sponsored by a Russian tycoon, she responded and provided us receipts,” Obare wrote on his Telegram channel on Sunday, August 13, 2023.

In response to Obare’s apology, Vera Sidika said she had disregarded the libelous incident. She, however, issued a warning to the blogger, urging him to refrain from making defamatory remarks without substantial evidence.

The former video vixen extended the warning to other bloggers, saying that she would not extend the same leniency in the future if they propagate false accusations that harm her reputation.

From today, any blog that write lies and fabricated stories on me, you better have proof for the claims or we going to court. That’s on period,” Vera Sidika wrote on Instastories.

Vera also cautioned gossipers who leak information to bloggers, “Whoever takes the “chai” to the bloggers plus the person that owns the blog will both be in trouble. Write stupid sh*t about me with no evidence. I’m going to deal with y’all proper. This is no longer the old Vera that was overlooking all the fake stories y’all wrote back then. Tread carefully.

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