Ex-NTV Presenter To Replace Willis Raburu on 10 over 10

August 15, 2023

Royal Media Services-owned station Citizen TV has reportedly chosen Aziza Hashim, also known as Azeezah and Hype Gudah as the replacement for Willis Raburu on the “10 over 10” show.

According to various media sources, the former ‘Teen Republik’ is set to be announced soon, just days after she quit NTV on Saturday, August 12.

“It’s true, she is joining Citizen TV for the 10/10 show, although they are finalising other details about her co-host. She wouldn’t have left NTV without a plan B,” a source is quoted as saying.

In her last ‘Teen Republik’ episode over the weekend, Azeezah revealed her plans to take a brief hiatus while assuring her viewers of her eventual return.

Nevertheless, she refrained from revealing her next gig, triggering speculation that she could potentially be contemplating a move to a rival television network.

“I don’t know how to even break this because I woke up today and cried severally, and to ever watch right now Today is my last show on Teen Republik,” Azeezah said.

Adding: “For the last two years, we have doing our best and it’s been quite an amazing learning journey. It’s been a whole 360- the first show my wig fell off and on my last show the wig fell off as well.

“The journey is going up from here…but a small break from TV. I would like to say that I appreciate the support that I got, I have grown a lot by being at Nation Media Group,” Azeezah said.

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