Popular female barber Mwende Frey bows to Twitter pressure, unveils new body

August 22, 2023

Popular female barber Mwende Frey has, once again, triggered a section of Twitter after she appeared to agree with the controversial, some may say, misogynistic teachings of ‘Masculinity Saturday’ propagator, Amerix.

Mwende, who has been at the crosshairs of most women – and men – on Twitter (X), took to the microblogging platform to share her slimming journey, while claiming that, after being told to ‘unfat’, she literally did just that and not whine.

While sharing a video of her new, svelte figure, and a fuller derriere, Mwende boasted of her new look, while crediting it all to a diligent adherence to the gym.

“You said I had a BIG TUMMY so I went to the GYM! I didn’t play victim or make excuses…that’s the difference between me and most WOMEN!” she proudly tweeted.

“Being told to UNFAT isn’t an insult, it’s motivation. You throw me lemons I make lemonade!”

‘Unfat’ is an infamous, almost derogatory term popularized by Amerix, a heavyweight Twitter preacher who has, over the years, created something of a cult based on his chauvinistic teachings.

By constantly telling his followers, both male and female to ‘unfat’, Amerix has found controversy as well as praise.

Mwende seems to be a keen student of the Amerix teachings – but this came at a price.

Many Twitter (X) have, over the last month or so, been pressurising Mwende to lose her belly fat and bring back her sylphlike figure.

In a follow up tweet, Mwende credited Kenyans on Twitter for spurring her to change, saying that any woman can ‘unfat’ if she is ‘disciplined and focused’.

“I went to the gym after KOX/KOT called me fat! Any woman can UNFAT if she’s disciplined and focused. Playing victim is for weak women!” she tweeted.

And many appeared to be in her corner, rooting for her and egging her on.

Twitter user @hey_leex said, “Keep winning babe! Don’t mind about their hateful tongues…”

Not new to controversy, Mwende has, more often than not, managed to rile up the masses with her unconventional takes, unorthodox business practises and untamed tongue.

Not one to be boxed into a corner, the successful barbershop entrepreneur has, in a span of a year or so, seen her ‘Man’s Chamber’ barbershop become one of the most popular online businesses as well as one of the most patronised hair parlours in Nairobi.

To show that she means business and has no room for entertaining dissent, Mwende shoots sharp and fatally.

“If you listen to your wife when she tells you not to come to Man’s Chamber you are a lambistic simp and you need Kibe whips! You are the man you can do whatever you want, whenever you want!” she tweeted.

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