Real ‘Mathe wa Ngara’ Reportedly Goes into Hiding After Arrest of her Counterpart

August 18, 2023

Nancy Indoverie Kigunzu, the infamous marijuana distributor based in Ngara, Nairobi, has reportedly gone into hiding following the arrest of her associate, Teresia Wanjiru, on Tuesday, August 15.

Kigunzu, popularly known as ‘Mathe wa Ngara’ alias the First of Her Name, is said to be the main supplier for Wanjiru, who was nabbed with Sh13.4 Million in cash, 26 bags of cannabis, 4 cartons of rolling materials, 173 packaged sweets and a carton of suspected weed cookies.

Following the Tuesday raid at Wanjiru’s base in the slums of Karuia within Ngara, Mathe wa Ngara has gone underground to evade the ongoing police crackdown against drug trafficking in Nairobi.

A police source reportedly whispered to the Standard that Wanjiru allegedly works for Mathe, who is said to be the main bhang distributor with associates from Isebania, Busia, and Moyale where she sources the marijuana.

“Nancy is a powerful individual to the extent she can influence the transfer of police officers within Parklands, Central, Ngara, and Kamukunji Police Stations as well as influence the transfer of friendly and cooperative officers to desired stations. She operates in Karuia slums within Ngara in Nairobi. The area offers her with conducive operation base since she offers an incentive to unemployed youth who provide security and act as informants in case of any police presence,” the source reportedly told the Standard.

According to the publication, Mathe was last arrested in June 2022 and charged at the Kahawa Law Courts where she was fined Sh525,000 to secure her release.

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