IG Koome: We’re not Scared of ICC Threats

August 9, 2023

Inspector General Japhet Koome has dismissed politicians who have threatened to bring him before the International Criminal Court in relation to the fatalities witnessed during antigovernment protests last month.

Koome asserted that the police are legally mandated to safeguard the well-being of Kenyan citizens and declared their resolve to remain steadfast in the face of threats.

“Propaganda headliners will not scare us. They can continue to threaten us of going to ICC court and that has no implication on us in terms of our commitment to serve and protect our country,” he said on Tuesday.

In defense of the police’s actions during the demonstrations, Koome reiterated that law enforcement has a fundamental responsibility to safeguard both lives and property.

“I want to tell Kenyans that as National Police Service, we have a role to protect life and property. We have a responsibility to ensure our country is secure and safe and it is a mandate we are going to discharge without fear or favour,” Koome added.

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