Gachagua Makes Surprise Visit To His Driver’s Home in Nandi(PHOTOS)

August 14, 2023

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua surprised his driver when he asked him to make a detour during his Nandi tour to visit his home.

Gachagua’s itinerary included a two-day visit to Nandi County, commencing with a church fundraiser at St. Marks Anglican Church in the Nandi Hills Constituency on Saturday.

The Deputy President’s driver, Sammy Cheborgey, was ready to drive to the next meeting in Kobujoi when Gachagua informed him they would be passing by his hometown in Irimis village, about three Kilometres from Kapsabet town.

By 2:40 pm, the fundraising event concluded, and the Deputy President’s convoy navigated the Lessos-Kapsabet road before veering off towards Irimis village.

In the company of Governor Stephen Sang, Senator Samson Cherargey, and various other leaders, Gachagua’s arrival was greeted with ululations that filled the air, as hundreds of villagers joyfully chanted ‘Nyoo Nyoo Inyee’, a Kalenjin song that loosely translates to ‘you are welcome’.

“I was perplexed. I did not believe DP Gachagua could be my guest, though I had alerted my wife to prepare for his entourage. Word quickly spread, and by the time we got there neighbours had arrived to receive the leaders outside my gate,” said Cheborgey as quoted by the Sunday Standard.

Cheborgey took the opportunity to introduce his family, friends, and neighbors to the esteemed guests. After the introductions, came the feast, with plenty of food served as Riggy G spent quality time with his driver’s family.

“The DP’s visit came as a surprise. Before the elections, the DP had once told me during a visit to the region that he wanted to know my home. I never saw it coming due to his busy schedule, but today I’m glad he has come to see me, an ordinary person in the village,” Cheborgey said.

He mentioned that he had served as Gachagua’s driver ever since the Deputy President was elected as the Mathira MP. Over time, he resided at the DP’s residence, fostering a strong bond that developed into a close and enduring friendship.

Gachagua praised Cheborgey as a dedicated and diligent individual with a strong commitment to his responsibilities.

“Sammy Cheborgey has been my loyal and committed driver for the last 15 years. He has been a blessing to me and my family. He has stuck with me even at my lowest moments and covered my back like a younger brother.

“I have known him since I was MP. He took care of me when I was in custody. He brought me food and regularly checked on me. I regarded him as a brother because of his unmatched loyalty,” the DP said.

Gachagua went on to encourage other leaders to follow his example, emphasizing the importance of treating friends with respect, regardless of their status or social background.

“Leadership is all about friendship, and one should reward loyal friends. Though I am the deputy president, I am just a simple man. I like walking around my village greeting friends and schoolmates when I get time,” said Gachagua.

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