DP Gachagua Reveals Why Kenya Kwanza-Azimio Talks are a Waste of Time

August 24, 2023

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has disregarded the ongoing bipartisan discussions between the Kenya Kwanza and Azimio coalitions.

According to the DP, the dialogue aimed at resolving the impasse between the government and the opposition will yield no meaningful outcomes.

Addressing a gathering on Tuesday during the funeral of the late Anne Musau, who is the mother of Mwala MP Vincent Musyoka (Kawaya), in Machakos, Gachagua claimed that the discussions were merely a ploy to hoodwink the Kenyan populace. He disclosed that Azimio leader Raila Odinga had already met with President William Ruto and conveyed his intentions and goals, rendering the ongoing talks unnecessary.

DP Gachagua claimed that during the confidential meeting with President Ruto in Mombasa, Odinga agreed to call a ceasefire on the antigovernment protests on the condition that his demands are met.

The DP alleged that Odinga asked for a handshake leading to his participation in a coalition government alongside President Ruto. Gachagua additionally disclosed that Odinga demanded three ambassadorial roles, all of which were denied.

According to Gachagua, Ruto offered Odinga a send-off package, subject to his political retirement.

The DP also claimed that during the meeting’s agenda with Ruto, the opposition leader excluded his Azimio coalition co-principal, Kalonzo Musyoka.

“These talks being led by Kalonzo, there is nothing to wait from there. 2018 Raila aliendea handshake na Uhuru, hakuambia Kalonzo…hakuenda nayeye. Akaenda akatengeneza deal yake na Uhuru wakamalizana. Projects zote alitoa kwa Uhuru akapeleka kwao. Kuna project alileta huku? Lakini nyinyi ata baada ya kufanyia nyinyi hivo, mkamtafuta mkaanguka nayeye.”

Loosely translated: “In 2018, Raila initiated a handshake with Uhuru without informing Kalonzo… he didn’t go with him. He went and struck his own deal with Uhuru and they reached an agreement. He presented all the projects to Uhuru and took them to his people. Did he bring any projects here? But even after he did that to you, you still sought him out and fell with him.”

“Now ametafuta Rais juzi, hakukuja na Kalonzo. Hakuna mambo ya Kalonzo aliongea. Aliongea mambo yake, ya mtoto wake na bibi yake na watu yao. Sasa hii mazungumzo ametuma Kalonzo… pale kwa agenda hakuna mambo ya maji ya ukambani, mbolea, ama bara bara.  Kwa hiyo mazungumzo, nini iko hapo ya wakamba?”

(He recently met the President, and he didn’t come with Kalonzo. There was no talk about Kalonzo’s issues. He discussed his own matters, his child, his wife, and their people. He has now sent Kalonzo to lead the bipartisan talks… in the agenda, there’s no mention of water matters in Ukambani, fertilizer, or roads. So, in these talks, what concerns the Kamba people?)

Gachagua, who was speaking in Kalonzo’s backyard, termed the ongoing bipartisan talks a waste of time, insisting that the government is only focused on development.

“Nothing will come out of those talks. It is a waste of time. I’m telling you as deputy president of the Republic of Kenya. So nyinyi wakamba mgojee mazungumzo mtakuja kututafuta sisi because there will be nothing,” said the DP.

He added: “The discussions Kalonzo has been sent for, there’s nothing to talk about there. Raila has already spoken his piece. He concluded them in Mombasa. These are just matters to distract Kenyans. There is nothing. That’s why you’ve seen we’ve sent Kimani Ichung’wa, Cheruiyot, Mbarire… The President and I are at work. As the discussions continue, tomorrow we’ll be in Nakuru, the day after tomorrow we’ll be in Baringo, and on Saturday, we’ll be in Busia for development matters.”

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