Buy Electric Motorbikes For Late Cabinet Secretaries, Ruto Told

August 2, 2023

Kenyans were Tuesday treated to some government drama after two of President Ruto’s ministers and a few principal secretaries arrived late for the signing of their performance contracts.

Cabinet Secretaries Kithure Kindiki and Moses Kuria were subsequently locked out of the event at State House Nairobi, with President Ruto also demanding a written explanation for their lateness.

“I don’t understand why one can miss such an important event which is surrounding their work. We have a job because we have a contract, if you cannot keep time with your employer you have basically dismissed yourself, it is just as simple as that,” Ruto said.

He added: “For those who came late and they are members of the Executive, I will be expecting a written explanation and it should not include matters of traffic on why they did not take these performance contracts seriously because if you don’t take them seriously it means that we don’t take the contract with the people of Kenya on performance seriously and that can be a very serious indictment on anybody.”

The drama did not escape members of the Azimio Coalition, with Saboti MP Caleb Amisi taking the opportunity to take a dig at Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza cabinet.

Amisi advised the present to procure electric boda-bodas for the late ministers to replace their motorcades.

The lawmaker also mentioned that this was the first time he was in agreement with Ruto about something.

“Dear president, any minister who has come late, please buy him that electric motorcycle instead of the flagged convoy. For once, I have supported President William Ruto Since I was born,” Amisi said.

The MP also mentioned that ministers’ convoys are a nuisance in traffic and wondered how they still get late.

“What is the need to disturb us on the road, and you still get late for meetings?” Amisi posed.

During the signing of performance contracts at State House, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua also weighed in on the lateness of the CSs and PSs.

DP Gachagua confirmed that President Ruto was fuming: ‘”Nimeona pale watu wamechelewa, nikaona Rais…unajua namjua,,nikaona uso yake nikajua hapa kimeumana…sababu leo ni siku ya perfomance contracts. Ile siku muhimu sana.”

The DP added: “You can’t arrive at an event when the President is already seated. Why would you come late? How do you explain that? Who did you go to see and yet today was the most important day for you to sign contracts?”

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