President Ruto Slams Clueless Cabinet Secretaries and PSs

August 2, 2023

President William Ruto on Tuesday lectured some of his ministers and Principal Secretaries over what he termed as the highest level of incompetence.

Speaking during the signing of performance contracts at State House, the President mentioned that some of the CSs and PSs were clueless about what was happening in their departments and ministries.

“I call many PSs and ask them what is going on here and they have no clue and this is your department, that is the job that you have; you are not a messenger, you are not a security person, you are not photographer, you are not a watchman,” Ruto said.

He added: “You are the PS or the minister and you don’t have information, how do you run a ministry, a department, or a parastatal if you have no information? That is the highest level of incompetence.”

Ruto complained that it should be the PSs and the CSs advising him, but he appeared to possess a better understanding of the affairs within their dockets than they did.

The President challenged the public servants to take a page from his own book by reading more to gain relevant knowledge.

“I take time myself to read….you can never make the right decisions if you do not have the correct information, it will all be a game of guesswork,” Ruto stated.

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