Bamboo Speaks Out After Sh4.5m Copyright Triumph Against Safaricom

August 7, 2023

Former rapper-turned-preacher Simon Kimani, alias Bamboo, spoke out for the first time after a court awarded him a sum of Sh 4.5 million in compensation for the unapproved utilization of his songs as Safaricom Skiza callback tunes.

Bamboo won the nine-year legal battle against Safaricom for unauthorized use of his three songs ‘Mama Africa’, ‘Yes Indeed’, and ‘Move On ‘ without his consent to generate revenue.

In a 36-paged judgment delivered by Judge Asenath Nyaboke Ongeri, the High Court awarded Bamboo general damages for infringement of the right of Sh1,500,000 per song.

Following the ruling, Bamboo took to social media to deliver a message of restoration and reclaiming “everything the devil stole.”

“One of the principles of financial poverty is sin. Sin is the legal right for devils to steal the treasures that God has placed inside of you. That is why the temptation to sin is so strong, especially sexual sin. Can you see why Satan advertises sin all over the world? To rob you blind. That’s why Jesus died for you,” Bamboo wrote alongside a photo of a report of the court ruling.

He added: “o pay for your sin, and give you back your inheritance. Today, Africa is being robbed of their inheritance by the west. But that kind of robbery cannot take place when God fights for you. By the power of God’s word and righteousness, you can take back everything the devil stole from you. Hallelujah!!” 

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