Akothee Charging Sh50K For Updates/Photos of her Marriage to Omosh

August 22, 2023

Akothee is seemingly fed up with people asking about her romantic relationship with her husband Omosh. To address this,  the celebrity singer has opted to charge an amount to curious fans who are keen on staying updated about her love life.

Through an Instagram story post, Akothee said individuals intrigued by the finer aspects of her romantic life would need to pay a substantial fee of Sh50,000.

Akothee mentioned that people had taken advantage of her openness to share information without any cost.

Those willing to pay the designated fee would not only gain access to updates but also receive exclusive photos and insights into her and her husband’s forthcoming endeavors.

“We shall be charging 50,000 ksh to update you with our love life story, we shall send you photos and also update you about our future plans together with my husband,” she wrote, albeit with a sense of sarcasm.

Akothee also cautioned those who were unwilling to pay the fee: If you cannot afford the cost, refrain from indulging your curiosity.

“Nothing is for free anymore. If you don’t have Sh50,000 don’t ask about my love life. I will block you and you won’t do shit. Mumezoea vitu vya bure sanaa. Hapa ni kulipa upate update raw,” said the businesswoman.

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