Ndindi Nyoro: Terminate The Bipartisan Talks, Kenyans Don’t Need Them

August 21, 2023

Ndindi Nyoro says the first order of business when bipartisan talks resume this week should be to terminate them.

According to the Kiharu MP, the ongoing discussions between the Kenya Kwanza administration and the Azimio Opposition, are a futile use of time. Nyoro says Kenyans already voted last year to select their preferred leaders, so the talks will lead nowhere.

“The people who have employed us, that is the wananchi spoke last year and decided who will lead them and who will be the leader of opposition or put the government in check,” he said, adding that the country cannot be consumed by politics and leadership struggles day and night.

“So, with no doubt and with alot of certainty, me as Ndindi Nyoro and the people of Murang’a, Kiharu and Kenya at large, we are pleading that tomorrow as the talks resume, the first agenda should be actually to terminate the talks,” stated Nyoro.

Addressing the crowd at St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral Church within his Kiharu constituency on Sunday, the MP urged for the cessation of discussions, saying that the Kenya Kwanza government should focus on pursuing its development initiatives for Kenyans.

“We are against this issue of people talking, calling them bipartisan talks and should stop at once as we don’t need it as a country as all is needed in Kenya is development,” Nyoro said.

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