Woman in Viral Cab Video Apologises For Abusing Taxi Driver

July 20, 2023

A woman who was captured in a video hurling insults at a cab driver has taken responsibility for her actions and issued a formal apology.

The incident, which occurred just last week, gained widespread attention after the video went viral on social media platforms. The clip triggered a wave of outrage and condemnation from netizens who expressed their disapproval and called her out for her behavior.

The woman who has since been identified as Brenda and the cab driver, Derrick, have since kissed and made up, with YouTuber Oga Obinna acting as the mediator.

Brenda owned up to her actions, acknowledging the hurt and distress she caused not only to the taxi driver but also to all those who watched the incident through the viral video.

“No one deserves to be insulted, no one deserves to go through what Derrick went through. I am thankful to Derrick because if he did not take that video viral, I wouldn’t be here apologizing to him or apologizing to anyone. I am really sorry, truly sorry from deep down my heart. It was not a good thing what I did,” she said.

In her heartfelt apology, Brenda expressed profound regret for her actions and firmly acknowledged that her behavior was inexcusable.

She openly admitted that she was drunk at the time which contributed to her losing control of her emotions, but she took full responsibility for her actions and the hurtful impact of her words.

“Most people out here are judging me; you have a right to do that. Whatever I did is not applaudable but I would like to thank this man Derrick Mbugua for being the bigger person in the whole situation. I understand I would have faced a lot that night but he chose to stand by me. And thanks to you, I have now realized that alcohol is not good for me. To ladies out there regardless of your age, let’s know our limits. Don’t throw it on anyone, people have feelings. I have really felt bad seeing his (Derrick) tears,” Brenda added.

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