Rev Victor Githu Slams Adult Preachers, Discloses Why Many of Them Hate Him

July 21, 2023

On Thursday, Reverend Victor Githu pulled no punches as he criticized religious leaders for allowing hypocrisy to infiltrate the church and transforming religion into a form of showbiz.

The teen preacher, who was only 10 years old when he gained social media prominence, pointed out that the church has regrettably become a hub of gossip, where congregants no longer feel secure.

“The church has changed. We want miracles that we have not worked for. Wisdom means praying and taking action.

“I do not blame people who call preachers conmen because they are there. We have spoilt the ministry. Church became a gossip place and not a place of worship. It should be a place for the sick, the poor, and the broken,” Githu said on Facebook Live.

Githu went on to condemn those who prioritize politicians and the wealthy in the church over tending to the spiritual needs of those sincerely seeking God.

“Church has become a place where people with money are prioritized…The church is not a museum for good people,” he said.

The US-based ‘clergyboy’ also disclosed why many adult preachers dislike him as he criticized their unwillingness to support and nurture the potential of the youth.

“Why do many preachers hate me, because I tell them the truth. Because I point out some of them. Seek the kingdom; stop seeking money and fame. Preachers became clout chasers more than content creators are clout chasing around here. Tuwache clout chasing tufuate kile Mungu ametuitia,” he said.

Without mentioning their names, Rev Githu also took an indirect shot at the Kiunas( Bishop Allan Kiuna and Rev Kathy Kiuna), suggesting that they run a cult for allowing their followers to call them dad and mum.

“Nonbelievers are growing because you are the ones making them grow. Some preachers rising in the name of mentorship or fatherhood have killed their young talents. When they see young men of God rising, they kill them because they know these guys are coming to change them. Many of them tried to change me because they knew there was something I knew about the hidden secrets of religion. Religion became a cult in the name of daddy,” Githu said.

Adding: “If you do not have a father, call Jesus your father…the church needs to change. We worship men of God instead of God. We bow at them…will a preacher change your life? We stop children who want to recite a memory verse but let a politician speak for four hours. Things need to change.”

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