‘New Car, New Man..’ Hamisa Mobetto Can’t Keep Calm

July 14, 2023

Hamisa Mobetto is one happy woman, who is not only madly in love but is riding in a brand-new German machine.

The Tanzanian beauty has been unable to keep calm on social media as she celebrated her new blessings with her over 10 million followers on Instagram.

Hamisa started by showing off her new Range Rover Velar in a video that shows her flying private with her entourage to collect the swanky ride.

“Okay, so guys, I initially intended to enjoy my new baby in private, but then I thought, “Why not spread the love?” I worked really hard for this 🙌🏽, so I might as well show it off a bit. Congrats to me 💃🏽 🎉🍾” KUNA RANGE ALAFU KUNA VELAR” 👌🏽 GodDiiiid!” she wrote.

Hamisa mentioned that she is in a new chapter of her life called “EVERYTHING I PRAYED FOR & MORE ” ✨.

Hours after stunning her fans with her new Range, Hamisa was at it again as she finally gave her fans a glimpse of the lucky man in her posh life.

While she kept his face concealed, leaving her fans more curious than before, Hamisa gushed over him and professed her undying love.

“To this man right here, I love you beyond words. And I hope you will always feel that even when am not around to tell you so,” Hamisa wrote.

The half-reveal comes weeks after Hamisa went public about her love affair with the mystery man.

“For the first time, I’ve found someone that I can actually speak the same language, and everything is so easy with him. Everything is so perfect. I wanna marry him. I wanna marry my man. I wanna cook for him,” she effused.


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