Jalang’o: I’ll Work With Ruto But I’m in ODM To Stay

July 11, 2023

Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor, also known as Jalang’o, has affirmed his commitment to remaining in the ODM party.

Jalang’o said that despite his resolve to work with President William Ruto contrary to the wishes of the ODM party, he has no intentions of leaving the Raila Odinga-led party.

“Baba Raila Amollo Odinga na chama ya ODM na muungano wa Azimio, sijatoka chama, sipangi kutoka na sitatoka,” he said.

(Baba Raila Amollo Odinga, the ODM party, and the Azimio coalition, I have not left the party, I have no plans to leave, and I will not leave)

Speaking during a TV interview on Monday night, Jalas maintained that he was not influenced or coerced into collaborating with President William Ruto.

Jalas maintained that his actions were not driven by any intention to betray or disrespect the party or its leadership.

“Isiwe ni vurugu, isiwe ni chochote. Mimi I’m an independent mind na sio kukiuka chama ama dharau yoyote, nimeamua kufanya kazi na Rais William Ruto,” he said.

(Let there be no fight or misunderstanding. I am an independent-minded person, and my decision to work with President William Ruto is not intended to create chaos or any negative impact. It is not about defying the party or showing disrespect. I have made a personal choice to work with President William Ruto).

Jalas appealed to Lang’ata constituents to allow him to work and fulfill his responsibilities in his five-year term. He also expressed his gratitude to them for voting for him and expressed his hope that they would continue to support him in the 2027 elections.

“Najua scorecard yangu itawafurahisha sana na tutafanya kazi miaka zingine tano,” he said.

(I know that my scorecard will please them(Lang’ata constituents), and we will continue working for another five years).

The first-term MP also mentioned that he intends to use the name “Jalang’o” on the ballot paper instead of “Phelix.”

“Ilisumbua (Phelix Odiwuor) sana wakati uliyopita,” he said.

(It(Phelix Odiwuor) caused a lot of confusion during the previous elections).

Jalas also spoke about earning less as an MP than he was earning in the media industry.

The former radio presenter said that a significant portion of his salary is dedicated to contributing to the community for various causes.

If you want to join Parliament to make money, you will suffer. Leadership does not need someone who is greedy. When I was a journalist, I was being paid more than now as an MP.” Jalang’o said.

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