“Raila is Just Playing with People’s Minds”: Mudavadi Slams Azimio’s 10 million Signature drive

July 11, 2023

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has dismissed Raila Odinga’s 10 million signature drive to oust President William Ruto from office.

Speaking in Kakamega County on Sunday, Mudavadi described the Opposition leader as a “merchants of propaganda” whose main agenda is to create chaos and divide the country.

He further warned Kenyans against falling prey to Azimio coalition’s propaganda, urging them not not to waste time on futile politics.

“If someone tells you that they are collecting 10 million signatures to present to a parallel Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to remove the Kenya Kwanza administration, ask yourself if it is consistent with the law. There is a constitutional procedure to impeach the President and collecting signatures is not part of it. This is just playing with people’s minds,” he said.

Mudavadi noted that former President Uhuru Kenyatta accepted that Ruto won the election and has been advocating for peace across the continent.

“I have been with the former President in various functions in Nigeria and Rwanda and his message has remained a call for peace. This cannot be the case when members of the coalition he leads are threatening the peace in his backyard,” said Mudavadi.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary also warned Raila Odinga to expect another defeat should he run for the presidency in 2027.

“Let’s not lie to each other. If Kenya Kwanza beat Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition when they had a sitting President, plus the deep state and the system, do you think they will now beat Ruto in 2027 when he commands the deep state and the system?”

“Good people, don’t be fooled into thinking that Ruto will be dethroned from power anytime soon. We have finished the elections in 2022 and we have to wait for another five years to go to the polls to elect another President. But even then, Ruto is not a person to be defeated,” Mudavadi said.

The former Deputy Prime Minister added: “When Uhuru, who is the chairman of Azimio, handed over the instruments of power, it was a clear indication that the winner of the August 9, 2022 presidential race was Dr Ruto. What Raila and his people are doing — running around the streets of the city and other towns — is mere drama.”

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