Gladys Shollei: Azimio Should Be Taken to the ICC, Raila To Blame For Bloodshed

July 26, 2023

National Assembly Deputy Speaker Gladys Boss Shollei has accused Raila Odinga of being responsible for the anti-government protests that resulted in the deaths of several demonstrators.

Speaking on Monday, Shollei said Odinga’s declaration of civil unrest against the government squarely places the blame on him for the resulting violence and its consequences.

“Mr Odinga is responsible for the mayhem and killings. Unfortunately, some families have lost their kin and the Opposition leader should be blamed for the deaths. The blood of those killed is in the hands of Mr Odinga and nobody else. If he had not caused the demonstrations there would be no bloodshed,” she said.

The Uasin Gishu woman rep spoke at Burnt Forest sub-county hospital after launching a free medical camp hosted by her foundation in partnership with Passion to Give foundation, Mediheal Group of Hospitals, Chiromo Hospital Groups, and Lions Club Eldoret and Vihiga.

“Without the demonstrations, there would have been no bloodshed or people injured. There would have been no destruction and looting of property as witnessed in the anti-government demonstration. Police were quelling the rioters who had turned chaotic and were disrupting peace and causing mayhem,” Shollei added.

According to Shollei, Raila Odinga is well aware of the solutions needed to address the country’s crisis but he has been overlooking them to incite Kenyans to take to the streets.

“The cost of living cannot be solved in the streets and Mr Odinga knows it is through fiscal policy intervention and fiscal prudence, which is already being implemented by the government. Why hasn’t he given an alternative if he is sincere with the calls for protests to lower the cost of living? He is being insincere with his demands,” she said.

Shollei also rubbished Azimio’s letter to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the government for police brutality.

“They should be the ones going to the ICC because they caused the mayhem. They have incited Kenyans into violence, looting shops and other acts of lawlessness,” she said.

She also noted that Azimio pulled out of bipartisan talks with Kenya Kwanza.

“They pulled out from bipartisan talks. Initially, they wanted the electoral server opened before it turned to the cost of living, and now the Financial Act. The Opposition is looking for every opportunity to be on the streets to cause chaos,” she said.

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