Gachagua Blasts Church Leaders: “It is Wrong to ask Ruto to Sit Down with a Criminal”

July 21, 2023

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has criticized both the clergy and the international community for supporting dialogue between President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga as a solution to quell the ongoing anti-government demonstrations.

In a public address on Thursday, Gachagua insisted that the Kenya Kwanza administration would not engage in discussions with the opposition.

DP Gachagua attributed the violence, deaths, and property destruction witnessed during the demonstrations to Odinga and referred to the former Prime Minster as a ‘criminal.’

“We want to ask church leaders and the international community…it is wrong to ask the President to sit down with a criminal,” said Gachagua.

He was speaking in Isiolo during the issuance of title deeds at Etoro Ltungai Adjuction section.

DP Gachagua further condemned Raila Odinga for allegedly causing deaths and destruction of property.

“First of all umefanya watu wauwawe, umeharibu mali ya watu, alafu unaambia Rais kwa sababu umetoa fujo utulizwe.

(First of all, you have caused people to be killed, destroyed people’s property, and then you are telling the President that you should be calmed down because you incited violence.) Gachagua said.

He added: “That has happened for a long time and the consequences have been that for a long time kazi imesimama.”

Gachagua also raised questions about the absence of high-ranking members of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition during this week’s demonstrations, suggesting that opposition leaders are now abandoning a failing alliance.

“Ile kitu ya kustaabisha Wakenya ni kuwa hawa watu saa ile waliona kimeumana hakuna alikanyanga town. Mmoja alijificha Nairobi Hospital akasema akuwe admitted, awekwe tu maji kwa sababu si mgonjwa ndio asiende maandamano,” said the DP.

Loosely translated: (What surprised Kenyans is that when they saw that the situation had escalated, no one dared to step into town. One person hid in Nairobi Hospital and said he should be admitted, just to be put on a drip, pretending to be unwell to avoid going to the demonstrations.)

“Mwingine akakaa kwa nyumba yake alafu wanatuma watoto wa wenyewe wakauwawe, why can’t they come themselves ama watume watoto wao? Jana (Raila) ameona imeanguka anatoa taarifa akiwa amejificha kusema ati maandamano imefaulu ati isimamishwe na ni vile ameona hakuna kitu inaendelea.”

(Another person stayed at home and sent other people’s children to be killed. Why can’t they come themselves or send their own children? Yesterday (Raila) saw that it has failed, and he issued a statement while in hiding, claiming that the demonstrations were successful and should be stopped, but the truth is, he saw that nothing is happening)

Gachagua advised Raila Odinga to prepare for the 2027 General Election if he aspires to claim the presidency instead of supposedly attempting to sabotage the Kenya Kwanza government.

“For too long, that Mzee wa maandamano ametumia fujo to blackmail Kenyans and find his way into leadership. We want to tell Mzee Maandamano there are no short-cuts to leadership; the only route is one…the ballot,” said Gachagua.

“Hakuna njia ingine; kwa hivyo Rais ukae kidete huyu Mzee angoje 2027, haiko mbali sana, he can wait. Lakini kutoa fujo ati ndio aingizwe serikali, Wakenya wanakataa.”

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