Chakama Ranch Owners Deny Selling Shakahola Land To Pastor Mackenzie

July 6, 2023

The shareholders of Chakama ranch have strongly denied the allegations that cult leader Paul Makenzie purchased land from them within the vast Shakahola Forest.

During an inquest into the deaths of Makenzie’s followers in Shakahola Forest, the shareholders were represented by their lawyer Philip Kaundi.

Appearing before the Senate Adhoc Committee on Wednesday, July 5, Mr Kaundi said his clients never had any interaction with Makenzie.

“My clients were not aware of any dealings where money changed hands for whatever reasons when it comes to claims that Makenzi bought the land at a cost of Sh100,000,” Kaundi told the committee.

According to the shareholders, pastor Paul Mackenzie was a squatter who occupied their land illegally.

“We cannot be held accountable for the Shakahola massacre. We were not aware of his religious activities,” Kaundi told the committee.

The Senate Adhoc Committee investigating the Shakahola deaths

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