‘There will be no place to hide’: Govt’s Stern Warning To Corrupt Public Servants

June 22, 2023

The Head of Public Service, Felix Koskei,  delivered a stern warning to public officers, emphasizing that they would be held responsible for any corruption within their respective areas of work.

Koskei stated that there will be no special privileges or immunity for anyone involved, stating that there will be no “orders from above” and “no sacred cows” in the government’s fight against corruption.

“It is important to note that the excuse of orders from above will not be accepted as justification,” he warned.

Koskei regretted the pervasive nature of corruption, noting that it has become deeply ingrained to the extent that it is even factored into the budgets of various institutions, both within and outside the government.

“Clean up your act and it shall be well with you. You have a civic and professional duty to say no to unlawful instructions. The law protects you,” he said.

Koskei delivered the warning during a meeting held at the Kenya School of Government, Lower Kabete. The meeting was attended by administration secretaries, finance officers, heads of accounts, internal auditors, and heads of supply chain management.

“If all was going well in public service, the accountability systems in place, we would not be having this meeting. You all would be in your offices carrying out your daily duties and providing services to the citizens of this great nation.”

Koskei also reminded public servants that they are required to declare their wealth every two years. He noted that there is a distinction between merely making a declaration of wealth and actually leading a lifestyle that surpasses the declared wealth.

“A lifestyle that cannot be supported by the wealth declared will attract intervention by the agencies that are responsible for corruption prevention and law enforcement. Do not be deceived. Once you become a person of interest, there will be no place to hide,” Koskei said.

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