Shakahola Rescuees Agree To Eat After Being Thrown in Prison(PHOTOS)

June 16, 2023

64 of the 65 people rescued from the Shakahola Forest in Kilifi County have agreed to eat after they were turned into suspects of attempted suicide.

The followers of the controversial televangelist and cult leader Paul Mackenzie staged a hunger strike between June 6 and 10. This prompted the State to present them before a Shanzu Court on Monday, June 12, where they were accused of attempting to end their lives by deliberately abstaining from meals while being held at Sajahanadi Rescue Centre in Mtwapa.

The suspects did not take plea, with the prosecution, represented by Mr. Jami Yamina and Mr. J.V. Owiti, applying for the suspects to be remanded in prison as the Rescue Centre was no longer deemed suitable to hold them.

On Thursday, after spending three nights at Shimo la Tewa Maximum Prison, the suspects returned to court, where they agreed to cooperate and abide by the rules of the rescue centre.

The 65 individuals were instructed to publicly declare their cooperation with the police, counselors, and other state agents before the court, in a clear and audible manner.

However, one of the victims, Feminies Mwoma, declined to cooperate with the relevant authorities. She was remanded at the Shimo la Tewa Women’s Prison.

The Shanzu Magistrate Court directed the 64 followers to be taken back to a rescue centre. SPM Joe Omido also directed that the men and women be subjected to mental assessment.

He further ruled that a confidential psychiatric report for each of the victims should be submitted to the court. The court said these reports should not be disclosed to the media unless specifically ordered by the court.

The matter will be brought up for mention in court on various dates between June 20 and 29 of this year.

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