Savara Mudigi Allays Fears of a Sauti Sol Split

June 20, 2023

Savara Delvin Mudigi insists that Sauti Sol is not splitting up, contrary to fears among their fans in response to the band’s recent announcement.

The four-man Afro-pop band announced the group members would be focusing on solo projects. This would be their second time after they took another Sauti Sol hiatus in 2021 dubbed ‘Alone Together’ to work on their solo albums.

Understandably, a section of the band’s loyal fanbase believes that a second break is as good as a permanent split.

But Savara has allayed these fears, saying: “Sauti Sol is still there.”

He added: “We are building other things, we are building legacies. There is so much that will be done, so msiogope (don’t panic), we are still there.”

Savara, who is the band’s producer, vocalist, and guitarist, added that their break would also give other musicians a chance to bloom.

“It’s been a long time tumefanya muziki pamoja, may be imefika time tupatie fans a little bit of break. We’ve been in your faces for so long. We have to give a chance to other artists to blossom.” 

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