Risper Faith Regrets Sh460K Liposuction: “I gained more weight instead”

June 8, 2023

Former ‘Nairobi Diaries’ reality TV star Risper Faith is ruing her decision to undergo liposuction surgery in 2020.

The social media personality spent a reported Sh450,000 in an attempt to lose weight, but she ended up adding more weight.

During a recent interview with Mwende Macharia of Radio Maisha, Risper addressed the concerns surrounding her weight gain after the surgery and provided insight into the reasons behind it.

“I didn’t follow the necessary procedures and failed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result, I gained more weight instead of achieving the desired outcome. It’s a decision I now regret,” she said.

In 2020, Risper made a public announcement revealing her decision to undergo liposuction. She candidly shared her reasons, expressing a desire to eliminate surplus fat from her abdomen and lower back, aiming to reach her desired weight of 80 kilograms.

But after childbirth, she experienced a substantial weight gain exceeding 35 kilograms.

“My ideal weight is 80 kilograms, but currently, I’m at 115 kilograms. It has taken me about six years to gain all this weight. Despite my attempts to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle, I haven’t seen significant progress,” she said.

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