‘Only in Kenya’ President Ruto Chides Uhuru Kenyatta Over Opposition Leader Role

June 8, 2023

President William Ruto took a swipe at his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta while recounting the political developments that followed the presidential elections held on August 9, where he emerged the winner.

During his inaugural National Prayer Breakfast, President William Ruto reflected on his past experience as an outsider in the previous government, despite holding the position of Deputy President.

He highlighted the significant shift in circumstances following the elections, affecting former President Uhuru and his preferred candidate, Raila Odinga.

“I remember the last prayer breakfast here was around the same. I remember asking for forgiveness from my friend the former president. It is interesting that today we are again discussing the subject of forgiveness and reconciliation,” Ruto said.

The President joked that the shift in political situations for Uhuru, Raila, and himself could only happen in Kenya.

“It only happens in Kenya that in our last election, the opposition leader became the government candidate and the sitting president of the government became the opposition candidate. As things would be,  the opposition candidate who was the then sitting deputy president, won the election,” he said.

Adding: “The sitting president then handed over power to his deputy and went ahead to become the leader of the opposition party. That only happens in Kenya.” 

Dr Ruto mentioned that the 2022 General Election marked a significant turning point for Kenya. He asaid that although the contesting parties had differing viewpoints, they were able to find common ground and reach agreements on important issues.

“The ethnic configuration that always informed our politics was not there. We had both sides presenting a national face in their formation,” Ruto added.

“It is not necessary that we will always agree, but it is better to work towards the betterment of our country.”

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