Moses Kuria Needs Help, Blaming Alcohol is a Misdiagnosis, says Edwin Sifuna

June 22, 2023

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna tore into Moses Kuria on Wednesday, suggesting that the Trade Cabinet Secretary seeks professional help.

According to Sifuna, Kuria’s outbursts against the media are not isolated incidents but part of a larger systemic pattern. He said these attacks should not be attributed to alcohol as it would misdiagnose Kuria’s condition.

“In the case of Moses Kuria, blaming alcohol is a misdiagnosis. His problem is far more systemic and he needs to seek help given the sort of outbursts we are seeing directed at the media. We will not allow people like Kuria to use the hallowed halls of Parliament to sanitise their misconduct,” Sifuna said.

The Nairobi Senator spoke after Azimio la Umoja Senators staged a walkout from the Senate on Wednesday morning after Speaker Amason Kingi dismissed a motion seeking to censure CS Kuria over his attacks on the media.

Meanwhile,  Moses Kuria has maintained his stance and refused to apologize.

“I am not apologising. I have been a media owner before. I have been a writer in your newspapers. There is nobody who is pro-media more than me. But I know the difference between media and what Thomas (Stanley) Baldwin called the prerogative of the harlot, the exercise of power without responsibility,” Kuria said.

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