Lawyer Stands With Mackenzie As Two Others Quit Citing Intimidation, Threats

June 15, 2023

Two advocates representing the leader of the Shakahola starvation cult Paul Mackenzie and 28 of his followers have disqualified themselves from the case.

Lawyers George Kariuki and Elisha Komora requested to recuse themselves, citing frustration, intimidation, and threats from the State.

“With the challenges that the suspects are going through and the current circumstances, I feel my conscience is disturbed,” Kariuki said.

The advocate highlighted the dire conditions to which the suspects have been subjected, causing worry that they would suffer harm or possibly die before the trial begins.

“They have been sleeping on the floor for 60 days. It defeats justice… Surely, they might become sick and die before trial,” Kariuki claimed.

Paul Mackenzie and his followers however got a small reprieve as the third lawyer committed to stand with the accused.

Wycliffe Makasembo said: “I feel there is an invisible hand trying to frustrate Mackenzie and others. This hand is none other than the state. Personally, I will stick with Mackenzie and the others to death or when I will feel I have had enough and also run away.”

Meanwhile, the Shanzu court issued an order for the detention of Mackenzie and his followers at Malindi GK prison.

Furthermore, Mackenzie’s followers who are in a weakened state, having undertaken a 14-day hunger strike, will be transferred to a hospital for medical evaluation, and a comprehensive report will be submitted to the court.

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