“Five Years Ago, Doctors Gave Me 3 Days To Live” – Gospel Singer Caroline Amani

June 19, 2023

On a fateful Friday afternoon, Caroline Amani received life-altering news from her doctor, who said she would not survive the upcoming weekend unless she managed to raise Sh500,000 for a crucial medical procedure.

Five years later, she shared her story with the Nairobian.

Briefly introduce yourself.

My name is Caroline Anami. I am a gospel minister, hotelier, and the founder of Ngarisha Youth Centre, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of the less fortunate in the slums. I also run a cultural centre called Afrika Kenya Village.

You mentioned that you suffered from a chronic health condition. Could you elaborate on that?

Yes, I experienced a heart condition that nearly cost me my life. I had been visiting the hospital multiple times due to difficulty breathing and even lost consciousness, only to discover later that I was experiencing mild heart attacks. The last episode was particularly severe, and the doctors informed me that I had only a few days to live. However, I miraculously survived and I’m here today, giving praise to the Lord.

How did you initially discover that you had a heart problem?

Initially, I was unaware that I had a heart problem. I was diagnosed with chronic stomach ulcers, which I believed was the cause of my health issues. However, it was later revealed, after being taken to the hospital while unconscious several times, that my heart was failing. The doctors attributed this to intense stress, which was triggered by the prolonged illness and eventual passing of my teenage daughter.

Which hospitals did you visit, and how did they respond to your condition?

Due to legal reasons, I cannot disclose the name of the hospital, but it was located in Mombasa. When the doctors reviewed my reports, they informed me that I was severely ill and needed to deposit Sh500,000 for an operation. They didn’t provide a proper diagnosis. When I explained that I couldn’t afford the money, they simply told me to find it and return on Monday, despite it being a Friday.

They prescribed some pain medication and, when I requested something to help me sleep during those three days, they callously stated, “If you make it to Monday, it will be a miracle.” Surprisingly, I was still alive on Monday, so I sought a second opinion. At this point, my condition had worsened, and I underwent surgery, receiving two stents in my heart.

How many years have passed since the doctors gave you a limited time to live?

It has been five years since the doctors gave me a timeline. Considering that the heart is the engine of the body, I continue to live on medication while placing my trust in the Lord and giving Him praise.

How has this experience transformed your life?

Given a second chance by God, I made a decision to live my life in a way that glorifies His name and spreads the Gospel through music and charity work. I had already been involved in charity work for 13 years prior to falling ill.

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