Yesu Wa Tongaren – It was written that police would summon me

May 12, 2023

Controversial preacher Eliud Wekesa, otherwise known as Yesu wa Tongaren, says he was not surprised that police summoned him for questioning.

Addressing the media outside Bungoma Law Courts,  ‘Yesu Tongaren’ said that he had a vision of everything that has happened to him as it was “written”.

“God planned that I would be summoned, even when journalists visit my church, I always tell them that I had a vision of their visit,” he claimed.

Yesu wa Tongaren insisted that he had not committed any crimes.

“I have come to the police station because the OCS told me the county commander wants to have a talk with me and I said that I will honour, that and today I’m here,” he said.

“I am delighted that wisdom has been applied in this matter, God is full of wonders.”

Wekesa at the same time suggested that he is a prophet and that his only mission is steering God’s ship.

“According to that bible verse, the law only applies to the guilty. In my entire missionary work, ever since I began my ministry at 30 years, to this day, at 42 years, I have committed no crimes. I am only commandeering God’s holy ship and I’m doing it from a prophetic angle,” he said.

Bungoma police commander Francis Kooli had summoned the leader of the New Jerusalem church for questioning over alleged questionable teachings.

On Thursday, Wekesa was arraigned before Bungoma Principal Magistrate Tom Mark Olando, where the prosecution sought an order to detain him for seven days to complete investigations against him.

Investigating Officer Elijah Acharia informed the court that ‘Yesu Wa Tongaren’ is facing charges of radicalisation, money laundering, acquisition, possession or use of proceeds of crime and managing an unlawful society.

Yesu Wa Tongaren is also accused of writing or uttering words with intent to wound religious feelings, contrary to section 138 of the Penal Code.

The prosecution also sought orders to conduct a mental assessment on the controversial preacher arguing that he has been exhibiting apparent significant emotional disturbance of paranoia.

The State obtained a warrant to conduct a search on Wekesa’s premises. The court will today rule on whether to detain Yesu wa Tongaren for more days.

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