Jowie Irungu changes tune on shooting incident at Jacque Maribe’s house

May 12, 2023

Murder suspect Jowie Irungu has admitted that he lied to the police about a gunshot wound he sustained on his left shoulder.

Appearing before Lady Justice Grace Nzioka at the Milimani law courts on Thursday, Jowie claimed he accidentally shot himself following a lover’s quarrel with her then-fiancée and co-accused, Jacque Maribe.

Jowie, accused of killing businesswoman Monica Kimani, had told detectives that he was attacked and shot by thugs.

However, he changed tune Thursday, telling Justice Nzioka that the gun went off as he was throwing his belongings out of Maribe’s house. He claimed that they had a disagreement about text messages on Maribe’s phone.

“We had an argument again about a message I saw on her phone and we threw words at each other,” Jowie said.

“I got tired and I was throwing my clothes outside, I wanted to leave the house because the same message was repetitive and I was intoxicated and angry I didn’t want to listen to her at all, whatever I had seen.”

Jowie did not reveal the contents of the message but said he had talked to a friend about the matter.

“So when I was moving my clothes the gun went out and hit me on the chest so I went to my neighbor Brian,” he told the court.

Explaining why he lied to the police, Jowie Irungu said it was Brian Kasaine’s idea. Brian was his neighbour and the owner of the gun.

“Brian gave me a narrative that I say thugs attacked me because Brian had acquired the gun illegally and he said if we said the truth he will be in trouble,” Jowie snitched.

The accused also denied knowing the late Monica Kimani.

“I really don’t know Monica but I know the brother George. We schooled with him in 2012, but we never met after that because I traveled outside the country then we later caught up on Instagram but we were to meet at 40Forty Lounge a place I used to go,” Irungu said.

 “I have never interacted with her, I didn’t even have her number.”

The hearing continues.

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