Costa Rica 2-1 Martinique

May 15, 2023

Costa Rica and Martinique have national football teams with completely opposite realities. Everybody can enjoy 1xBet betting now, where chances to wager on those national squads are always available.

The former has qualified for plenty of editions of the FIFA World Cup. Not only that, because it has even performed remarkably well, causing lots of upsets and shocks in the tournament.

By contrast, Martinique is not even affiliated to FIFA. Since this island is a French overseas territory, people born there are eligible to play on the French national side. At 1xBet you can now enjoy betting on the French national team too.

Nevertheless, Martinique was still included in the 2022-23 CONCACAF Nations League. It came quite close to causing what could have been one of the biggest shocks in the history of this football confederation.

A victory that tasted like a defeat

On the 25th of March 2023, Martinique played a home match in the aforementioned Nations League against Costa Rica. At the website you can also place wagers on those two national teams too.

Costa Rica won the match 2-1, and the goalscorers were:

* Mickaël Biron;
* Aarón Suárez;
* and Anthony Contreras.

Sure, this 2-1 result looks completely normal on the outside. It wasn’t a team destroying another after scoring tons of goals. Through the 1xBet website you also have the chance to wager on what the exact result will be as well.

After seeing how the match progressed, it is easy to see why for the Costa Ricans this felt more like a defeat than a victory.

A shock that almost happened

The match began as expected, with total domination from Costa Rica. Try to play best slot game in 1xBet before the next match of the Costa Rican national side begins.

However a shocking occurrence took place in the 19th minute, after Mickaël Biron from Martinique scored the first goal of the match.

From that point on, the Martiniquais also began to challenge Costa Rican domination in the progress of the match. They began to have more control of the ball and even created scoring chances.

Whenever Costa Rica built an attack, Martiniquais goalkeeper Yannis Clementia seemed to look like an unbreakable wall.

The goalscorer Mickaël Biron went from hero to villain in 16 minutes. In the 35th minute of the first half he got a straight red card after a violent tackle. You can play the best slots games in 1xBet while waiting for the next red card too.

Yet, despite being with 10 men, Martinique continued attacking. They even had some good opportunities to score another goal.

It was only nearing the end of the match that Costa Rica managed to react. Their goals came in the 88th and 91st minute. They narrowly avoided complete embarrassment.

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