What Yesu Wa Tongaren said about pastor Paul Mackenzie

May 3, 2023

Controversial preacher Eliud Wekesa otherwise known as Yesu wa Tongaren has condemned pastor Paul Mackenzie in the wake of the Shakahola cult deaths.

The leader of the New Jerusalem sect claimed Mackenzie is an agent of the devil and he should carry his own cross over the deaths of more than 100 people found buried in his land that houses the Good News International Church.

“Paul Mackenzie should carry his own cross. I cannot refer to him as a pastor because an ordained man of God is incapable of murder. Mackenzie has been used by the devil to ensure that God’s Word is despised by Kenyans,” said the preacher.

As Jesus of Tongaren my message is and I repeat, Mackenzie should carry his own cross just as he was found committing evil and he will not be the only one, all these things will be uncovered across the world,” he added.

Yesu wa Tongaren at the same time said the Shakahola mass deaths do not warrant an arrest or investigation into his religious practices as he “is a Saviour”.

This is after Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka called for his arrest.

“I call upon security agencies within Bungoma county to move with speed and investigate the character of Jehovah Wanyonyi and Yesu wa Tongaren so as to establish if there are any atrocities being committed against humanity,” Lusaka said.

Adding: “Bungoma is a home of the men of God such as Bishop Philip Anyolo, Bishop Eliud Wabukala, and Cardinal Otunga, just to name a few, we cannot allow few people to taint the name of Bungoma.”

In response, Yesu wa Tongaren said he should be celebrated for being the ‘son of God’ instead of being demonised.

“Bungoma and Kenya should be celebrated for having the son of God closer to them rather than plotting a witch hunt against me,” Wekesa said.

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