President Ruto – Africa Must Eliminate Boundaries To Prosper

May 3, 2023


President William Ruto has asked African countries to eliminate barriers and integrate for their prosperity.

He said the continent must remove barriers to movement of people, services and goods.

The President observed that political boundaries are old-fashioned, hamper development and only aid division in the region.

“We must bring down these barriers, convert them to stepping stones and build bridges of friendship.”

Through this, the President explained, factors of production can move freely within the Continent.

“That is how we can integrate and exploit our socio-economic diversity for our success.”

President Ruto spoke during the launch of the IOM Report on the Status of Migration in East and the Horn of Africa at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi.

The unrestricted movement across borders, he added, will expand intra-African trade and services, thereby facilitating wealth creation.

He said the management of migration issues in the continent is inevitable.

“It helps us to take care of the needs of migrants and integrate gender inclusion in order to promote equality and empower women.”

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