Andrew Kibe is offering Sh100,000 to a musician who will sing his praises

May 26, 2023

Sh100, 000 is up for grabs to any talented musician who will compose a unique soundtrack for Andrew Kibe’s popular podcast, The Andrew Kibe Show.

In his announcement, the US-based podcaster expressed the need to elevate his show and believes that altering the sound would accomplish this goal.

“If you are a musician and you are listening to the sound of my voice, I am upgrading. I need to get a new song for the show. I’m looking for a new song. For this, I am going to pay Sh100,000 for the song that makes it. So it’s like a small mini-competition. I don’t know how I’m going to run it but I felt it really strong in my spirit that I need a new song and I’ll give 100k for that new song. How do we do it, how do I decide this is the song?” he said.

The former Kiss FM presenter specified that the soundtrack should be unique and should have a ‘heavy beat’.

“If you are a musician and you think you have skills, find a way of getting us a very original song for the show. First, be completely original, the beat must be original, give me a heavy beat, you know I love beats, if you can throw in drums in there, I don’t know, just make it original,” he added.

Interested musicians have until today, Friday, May 26, 2023, to submit their tracks.

“Praise me throughout the song, sing my praises. Sing… say Kibe is the best, whatever… I don’t know. Okay don’t sing my praise just be creative. Anyway I’m paying for it so if I want you to sing my praises then you will sing, its 100k.

“The faster you do it the better. Money will be sent to you directly via mpesa my brother. So if you are a musician and you know you can do this, I will give you till Friday, there is no time to delay. I will think about the modalities,” Kibe concluded.

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