The Rock shouts out pilots for saving truck driver trapped in raging floods

May 9, 2023

A now-viral video of a helicopter crew rescuing a truck driver from raging floods in Galana Kulalu has caught the attention of Hollywood star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The actor and former professional wrestler took to Twitter to share a video message to the pilots from the Sheldrick Wildlife Sanctuary, lauding them for their ‘courage, valour and heroism’.

“I just want to say I was so impressed and so moved and so inspired by your act of courage, valour and heroism as you saved that man whose truck was tipped over. I have had the great fortune and privilege to play helicopter pilot in situations like that but you guys are the real deal,” he said.

The Rock mentioned he has some pilot training under his belt having played a pilot role on a rescue mission in the 2015 disaster movie ‘San Andreas’.

In my little bit of training and research, I understand how difficult that is. I was so moved by that and I was so incredibly impressed and I just wanted to give you guys so much love, mwaaah! Send so much love to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – the larger organization, what incredible work that you guys do,” the Rock said.

Adding: “It’s good to give the pilots their flowers while they are still here with us.”

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