Pesapal, a provider of payment solutions and business tools in Africa, has launched a real-time settlement feature for merchants in Kenya, enabling the swift transfer of funds directly into their accounts.

With the introduction of real-time settlement through Pesapal’s e-wallet Openfloat, merchants utilizing the Pesapal platform can experience expedited fund disbursements.

Real-time settlement provides several advantages to merchants, including faster access to funds, improved cash flow management, reduced fraud risk, and enhanced customer experience.

Speaking during the launch, Pesapal CEO and Founder Agosta Liko said this new feature ensures that funds are available to merchants immediately, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and make better financial decisions.

“We are thrilled to introduce real-time settlement on the Pesapal platform. From now on, our merchants will have quicker access to their funds, ultimately improving the health of their business,” Pesapal Group CEO Agosta Liko said.

Merchants leveraging the Openfloat solution by Pesapal will enjoy seamless payouts to both bank accounts and mobile money platforms, enabling convenient fund transfers. Additionally, merchants can utilize the platform to monitor their cash flow in real-time and access comprehensive transaction reports.

With a strong presence in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda, Pesapal has established a wide regional reach.

The organization handles over 12 million transactions each month and is dedicated to connecting one million African entrepreneurs to e-commerce, digital payment systems, and the global financial network by 2030.