Nairobi MCAs complain of mosquitoes in Chambers

May 19, 2023

There was a lighthearted moment at Nairobi County Assembly Chambers on Thursday as Ward Representatives amusingly lamented about the persistent mosquito bites they were enduring.

During the deliberation on the supplementary budget’s appropriation Bill, Highrise MCA Kennedy Oyugi stood up to address an unexpected topic, saying mosquitoes were making the assembly uncomfortable.

“The house seems to be unsafe healthwise, I have tried to kill four mosquitoes already,” Oyugi claimed.

“I feel unsafe and we have enough evidence,  thus I request that this assembly be fumigated,” he added.

In response, Maurice Ochieng, the Chair of the Assembly Health Committee, acknowledged the concern raised by Oyugi, emphasizing the need for careful consideration of the matter at hand.

“We are going to take those concerned to task on why they are not fumigating various institutions within City Hall,” Ochieng said.

House Speaker Ken Ng’ondi said the Office of the Clerk and the administration will address the issue.

 “Thank you very much, the member, for raising the matter. Action will be taken,” said the Speaker.

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