MC Fullstop recovering at home after discharge from hospital

May 19, 2023

Renowned reggae MC John Maina, widely known as MC Fullstop, has shared a promising update on his ongoing struggle with a lung ailment that has affected him for the past five years.

Expressing gratitude for the significant improvements in his health, MC Fullstop credited multiple medical opinions, as well as undergoing bronchoscopy and lung biopsy procedures, for his positive progress.

“Last month, I went for 2nd and 3rd opinion from different Doctors, we did a bronchoscopy and lung biopsy, the results were awesome,” he said.

Currently engaged in intensive medication and therapy, MC Fullstop highlighted the positive impact of returning back home to Mombasa, where the favorable weather conditions have helped his well-being.

Taking to social media, MC Full Stop thanked everyone who had offered prayers and support, acknowledging the effect they have had on his recovery. He also thanked those who visited him during his hospital stay and at his home.

MC Fullstop enthusiastically shared, “Nimerudi home Mombasa na weather inani favour kuruka. I wanna say THANKS to all who sent a prayer, juu prayers nimegongwa nazo zimedai kuruka”

He added: “Thank you for your contributions; may your pockets never lack. God bless you all.”

MC Fullstop’s health update comes days after fake news about his passing emerged online.

While reassuring his fans of his well-being, MC Fullstop strongly condemned the individual responsible for spreading the fake news.

He emphasized the distress it caused his family and friends, urging police to take firm action against the culprit.

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