[VIDEO] Comedian Propesa goes viral with hilarious fertilizer skits

April 7, 2023

Popular comedian Propesa has gone viral with his creative marketing that has seen hundreds of thousands of fans roll in laughter in uncontrolled cackles.

The comic, who infuses his witty Rift Valley accent and employs quirky village tropes has become a viral sensation after featuring in countless ingenious ads aimed at driving customers to the farms.

Using his inventive comical skills, Propesa has wowed audiences with his ‘GPC Fertilizer’ adverts which have now amassed million of views especially on popular video-sharing app Tiktok.

In one popular video, which now has over one million views on Tiktok, in just a month, Propesa is seen waiting for his girlfriend to arrive at a hangout spot with the GPC Fertilizer prominently placed on the seat next to him.

After her arrival, the damsel, gorgeous and blithe, is berated by Propesa for attempting to move the fertilizer and use the same seat.

“Unataka kutoa fertilizer ukae hapa? Unajua nili order hii fertilizer? Unataka kusongesha fertilizer wewe? Tafuta kiti ukae!” he hilariously says.

Propesa goes on to intimate that the fertilizer is organic, locally, Kienyeji, and that the girl cannot afford to sit in the same space with such a precious commodity.

“I have found great success with this gig. I have done a ton of adverts before but none comes close to the visibility this has gotten me. Also, I’m genuinely interested in the product, I’m not just doing for the money, I’m a user of the product and so are my family members and friends too. This is what we call a win-win situation, ” Propesa said.

The comedian, who found fame with his ‘Uliam’ skits, has continued to carry the Kalenjin comedy flag high even partnering with a popular luo comedian to drive his message.

GPC fertilizer is one of the most popular fertilizer brands across the country with farmers from across all the 47 counties rushing to buy the product and use it on their farms.

“Hakuna kitu inaweza chapa hii fertilizer. Propesa alifanya niijue na kutoka hio siku, hakuna kitu ingine mimi nataka kutumia isipokuwa hio fertilizer. Very good for the soil,” Martin Kiprop, a Bomet farmer, says.


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