DJ Brownskin’s Househelp Now Speaks Out: ‘He Injured Neighbour who Tried to Help Sharon’

April 6, 2023

A woman who reportedly witnessed the moment Sharon Njeri ingested a fatal concoction as her celebrity husband, Dj Brownskin, watched and filmed has disclosed more details about the shocking incident.

Mariamu Vinaywa, who worked as a house help for the couple, said she started working for the couple in April 2022, three months before Sharon died.

She told digital reporter Bob Shakilwa that DJ Brownskin and Sharon Njeri often squabbled, which usually forced her to lock the children in a separate room to shield them from the couple’s fights.

Vinaywa also confirmed that Sharon had on numerous occasions threatened to take her life.

“Mara kadhaa nilikuwa nasikia bibi mwenye nyumba anasema nitajiua,” she said.

(On several occasions, I heard the wife saying that she would take her life).

The woman admitted she did not take Sharon’s threats seriously until the fateful day when DJ Brownskin asked her to bring milk to the living room.

It was at this point that Sharon had ingested a toxic concoction, as the DJ watched and recorded the footage that sent shock waves across the country.

Vinaywa said as she was trying to feed Sharon the milk, DJ Brownskin was seated comfortably watching.

“I could not understand how you can sit and watch someone you love suffer to that extent,” she said.

DJ Brownskin’s Househelp said when she realised that she could not help Sharon, she screamed to alert neighbors who rushed to help.

But according to Vinaywa, DJ Brownskin repulsed the neighbours, even pushing one of them onto the rails.

“Walikuja lakini sasa wanapojaribu kugonga kwa mlango eti tumesikia hii tunataka kuona kama mko sawa…. Huyo kijana mwenye alifika wa kwanza mzee (Dj Brownskin) alimsukuma hadi akajigonga kwa hizo rails akaumia mkono,” she recounted.

(The neighbours came but when they tried knocking on the door saying they had heard the screams and wanted to know if we were okay… DJ Brownskin pushed the man who responded first and he hurt his hand on the rails)

The push and pull attracted more neighbours who called an ambulance for Sharon.

Mariamu Vinaywa said Sharon was still alive at the time. She said she was shocked that DJ Brownskin was left behind as his wife was rushed to the hospital.

Vinaywa disclosed that Sharon mostly complained that DJ Brownskin was disrespectful toward her.

The House help said she never got to know what started the disagreement on the fateful day but noted that DJ Brownskin had a habit of coming late home while drunk.

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